Taking the Sample

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Fresh is best! The microbiome is home to trillions of bacteria which can decompose rapidly. Fresh faeces produce the best results.   


The sample we need is only very small, it’s better to put less, than more, in the sample tube as it must be covered by the liquid to remain viable.


Wear the sterilised gloves or thoroughly wash hands first as human rRNA can create a false profile of the biome 


Ensure that the lid of the sample test-tube is tightened securely before putting it into the UN3373 and Biohazard packaging. 


 The return envelope does not include postage, please put a large letter stamp on it or send track and sign.


The profiling and extraction process is technical and lengthy, it may take between 8-10 weeks to return the results to you (email). We offer a fast track service for vets. 


To buy the test please click on the button below. Please buy an AITA Approved International Kit  if you are outside the UK. 

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