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Helping You to Manage Your Pets Gut Health


Kibble or meat or both?

Good health and weight begin with a healthy microbial community.

Diet can change the balance between the good, the not so good and the bad microbes.   

PetBiome Test 

Stress, medication and diet alters the biome, reducing the good gut bacteria and destabilising the whole G.I. tract.   

 A faecal sample can be taken and analysed, using the latest genomic technology, to give the  accurate and personalised information needed to manage the diet.  



Veterinary research has found many links between bacteria and poor gut health. Pathogenic bacteria proliferate in certain conditions, causing discomfort, 

inflammation, bloating, bad breath and food sensitivity. 


A dog's or cat’s gut microbiome is not only critically important to the health of the digestive tract but also to overall health and well being. The Petbiome test provides the owner with all the information they need to make the best decisions on what to eat and the best pro and prebiotics to supplement.  

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